Fleet Automation

The Ultimate Key for Improving Fleet Efficiency

Implement automation in your logistics to manage the entire fleet of vehicles and the activities seamlessly. Optimize the operational time and maximize the efficiency to the core.

  • Use raw location data to automate your fleet
  • Transform GPS tracking into valuable insights
  • Be in charge of your fleet, grow your business

Get a one-stop solution to organize your fleet assets right away!

Top Fleet Automation Tool

Get more than simply GPS Tracking Software

iFleet.Africa takes pride in standing up to its promises to help its clients get better return on investment. We consider 13 hidden costs into real-time savings. iFleet.Africa believes in producing RESULTS.

  • Reduce fleet downtime & stop unplanned maintenance
  • Enhance dispatch & delivery
  • Prevent unauthorized use of fleet

Maximize your fleet’s potential today!

Tap into Real-time Delivery Points

Achieve Your Sales Goals Effortlessly

Keep eye on your vehicles and assets with real-time information anytime, anywhere. Implement iFleet.Africa tracking on your fleet and increase productivity with ease.

  • Get the shortest routes
  • Deliver accurate delivery times
  • Enjoy stellar reputation

Discover how to better your logistics now!

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The ONLY all-in-one Fleet Automation System built to cut fleet operational costs.

Vehicle Tracking Features

Live GPS Tracking

Prompt Alerts via SMS, Mobile & Email

Integrated Fleet Management Reports

Comprehensive Service & Maintenance

GPS Tracking Benefits


Save cost: Manage all unavoidable expenses with our excellent cloud-based fleet management software.


Preventative Measures: Monitor the drivers’ activities to eliminate any unauthorized behaviour.


Optimize the Downtime:Keep your fleet road-ready with automated maintenance reminders.


Ensure Utmost Safety: Avoid accidents with live GPS tracking and Fleet monitoring to ensure traffic rules are adhered to.


Impeccable Customer Satisfaction: Keep your customers satisfied by choosing the best routes and respecting delivery times.


Tracking of Fuel: Avoid fuel theft and manage fuel usage cost.


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