Improve Emergency Service with Real-time Tracking

During an emergency every second counts. This is especially valid for the emergency services like ambulance and rescue teams etc. The main stumbling block during such a menace is to chalk out the best route for the vehicles to reach at their earliest.

Give up a functional upgrade to your emergency service using our GPS tracking system. Organize and track the entire route with ease for the vehicles to reach as soon as possible. If the idea sounds compelling, check our online demo on iFleet.Africa automation system.

Handle Emergency on Time

Having the right tools allows you to cope with emergencies and stressful situations in a more precise manner. The iFleet.Africa automated GPS tracking system helps you to have a more hands on approach on the entire situation. Install the device in the ambulances or fire trucks and keep an eye to spot their exact locations every second. In case of an emergency, you can easily find out the vehicles nearby the incident spot and have them cater for it.

Optimize the Routes

ifleet.Africa possesses a cloud-based software management system that offers advanced insights to emergency fleets. Take for example; the nearest vehicle is stranded a bit far from the designated location. With ifleet.Africa, you can optimize the route to your advantage by utilizing proper road traffic data. This will allow your drivers to use the shortest possible routes and optimize time and resources effectively. Thus, in case of medical emergencies real-time GPS tracking is a fundamental need.

Dodge Downtime or Breakdowns

Medical emergencies do not allow vehicles the luxury of having downtime or breakdown. Any potential waste of time could result in the loss of a life which is unacceptable. Hence, with ifleet.Africa’s cohesive GPS tracking software, fleet operators can monitor and administer a fleet’s conditions via instant notifications. This state-of-the-art software will also notify managers on needful vehicle maintenance to prevent unnecessary breakdowns.

Thus, during emergency situations vehicles will be armored to offer maximum service to customers.

Retain Medicines in Recommended Temperature

Most ambulances require stocking essential pharmaceutical drugs, stored in freezers. Nevertheless, any slight temperature variations in the freezer can lead to its utility becoming futile. With ifleet.Africa’s temperature sensor detection system fleet operators will get instant notifications in case of minute temperature variation in vehicles.