Stick to Time with iFleet.Africa for FMCG Truck Services

Coming to FMCG transportation, any slightest temperature changes or delay during trips is enough to wreak havoc on tight schedules. Considering the competitiveness in the logistics sector, such issues can put a huge dent in businesses. Hence, to avert such cases, it’s wise to deploy GPS tracking systems in FMCG businesses.

iFleet.Africa’s integrated automation system helps operators stay connected with the driver, delivery persons, clients etc. at once taking logistic operations on fleek.

Timely Deliveries

Time is money in business, hence in the logistic industries timely delivery accounts to more money. Yet, often businesses manually assign different delivery routes to FMCG trucks wasting valuable time. With iFleet.Africa’s GPS tracking software, operators can optimize routes while automating trips for offering timely deliveries.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

When it comes to excess fuel consumption the major catalysts at work are excessive idling, rapid acceleration, unplanned routes, unnecessary speeding etc. Hence, to avert this iFleet.Africa provides advanced software to optimize fuel usage and verify fuel card expenses by omitting all unauthorized behaviors of the drivers.

Monitors Drivers

To avoid scenarios where employees partake in unauthorized activities and lazy work patterns iFleet.Africa offers the option of strict vigilance. To get real-time updates on employee’s work schedules to install devices like iButtons or RFID’s in any FMCG trucks. This will help you monitor the activities of workers and make them answerable to you.

Extra Care for Perishable Assets

Often fast moving consumer tracks are responsible for the delivery of perishable goods and assets. These trucks are mostly equipped with temperature control options, but not always do these work optimally. Any slight temperature fluctuation can result in degradation of item causing extensive loss to trade. With our real-time monitoring temperature software, drivers will be instantaneously notified of changed temperature. With a live status update, drivers can rectify temperature and ensure goods do not perish.

Get More Business Contacts

Our GPS tracking and software management ensure utmost customer satisfaction, which allows the attraction of clients seamlessly via WOM. Installing this software in designated vehicles allows maximal optimization; beginning with timely deliveries to anti-theft options to alerts on vehicle maintenance, route optimization and more, bolster business with customer retention. This way, you’ll attract more clients and potential contacts.