ifleet.Africa Offers the Most Consolidated Safety Solution for School Buses

It is imperative to keep track of the school buses with a consolidated transport management solution. Installing a GPS vehicle tracking system will let both parents and school authorities breathe without fear that their children have reached their designated destinations in time.

With iFleet.Africa’s GPS tracking, school authorities, and parents are privy to live status of children’s locations along with key analytics and data. This easy-to-decipher cloud-based system eases the worry of parents when their beloved children are on the roads.

Availability of Route Optimization

With the aid of iFleet.Africa’s avant-garde features, the school administration can guide the drivers to pick the most optimized routes. This helps in dodging pesky traffic routes during peak hours that can create inconveniences for the school buses. Further, this saves time and fuel consumption as buses are traveling via shortest designated routes.

Maximizes Safety

Nothing stands more harrowing to a parent than realizing that his/her child has not boarded the bus after school. Hence, to do away with this conundrum iFleet.Africa offers an exclusive solution to both administrators and parents. Our advanced student monitoring system notifies managers instantly as every student boards the bus. This helps to be vigilant of every pupil and ensure maximum student safety.

Avoid Abduction

At certain times unauthorized activities prompt school children to board the wrong bus. Thus, to prevent the abduction of children and other unsavory activities, iFleet.Africa offers software features like RFID card that helps in ensuring optimal student safety.

In case of any deviation, parents will get a prompt notification if their child boards a wrong bus. This reduces the chances of child abduction and other unsavory activities.

Lessens Accident Risks

School bus accidents are one of the worst nightmares for both parents and school authorities. Understanding this predicament iFleet.Africa brings forth monitoring real-time driver behavior on road. This means, in case a driver takes a sharp maneuver or exceeds speed limits the authorities will be notified at once, for alerting the driver of his misconducts.


With our advanced software solutions, school authorities and parents can breathe a sigh of relief. The live tracking features allow supervisors to keep a keen eye on children from the comfort of homes and headquarters. From PC to laptop, mobile to smart wears, tracking school buses are now a piece of cake. Furthermore, we offer the option of ETA of the buses along with automated emails and notifications. So, installing our software will award you with accurate and reliable data of vehicles.

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