A few reasons Transportation/Delivery companies chose ifleet.Africa ..

Is your business having difficulties making accurate delivery estimates? Are your customers getting upset because of the long waiting time and late deliveries?

As your business grows and you have to send out more and more deliveries, managing the logistics of your fleet becomes increasingly complicated. If you are struggling with managing your fleet or this could be a concern in the near future, then it may be time to invest in some new tools for your growing business.

Get things done on time

If your vehicle cover numerous locations/stops a day, wouldn’t it be easy to create and organize routes, so that all the delivery points are clearly mapped out. The drivers will know what to do and when to do it. And, if for whatever reason, the route is not respected, the iFleet.Africa system is designed to alert you and the other predefined users.

Save time & money

Every minute spent idling on road is wastage of your money, time & resources. Real time notifications on unauthorized stops & excessive idling could save you a significant amount of money.

This also gives you more control over your assets, delivery schedules & field staffs. Reports generated on “Idling” by your on-field staffs will enable you deal with the issue directly and hence, improve your services

Be more predictable on possible delays

Unorganized trips & undefined routes could add havocs to your delivery schedules. Creating pre-planned schedules with defined routes & stops help you control your trips. Configuring notifications to be received in case of delays will help you notify the customer in advance and maintain the service quality.

Deal with delayed deliveries

iFleet.Africa allows you to share the location of your vehicle with your customer. This tool is helpful in case of late deliveries so that your clients can track the vehicle live and will not have to call you again and again. This will also enable you to consolidate your relationship with your customers and reduce any frustration

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