Ensure Maximum Student Safety with iFleet.Africa

A child’s safety is the top priority of any concerned parent. Considering the recent rise in school buses and abductions, parents tend to breathe under a constant fear. In such a situation, ensuring maximum safety to the students and peace of mind to the parents should be the primary duties of a responsible fleet owner.

Having the ability to track the vehicles absolutely makes sense as it also aids in accentuating an institution’s reputation. So, mitigate the risk of any vulnerable situation by implementing iFleet.Africa on the school vehicles.

With our avant-garde GPS tracking system, both parents and school authorities can map every moment of the vehicles. They can get smart insights on trip progress and ETA once the vehicles get started.

Apart from the features mentioned above, users will the advantage to monitor the vehicles’ speed for the students’ maximum safety. On crossing the pre-fixed speed limit, they can do the needful to avoid any untoward incident.

Furthermore, Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology will help the users to understand whether the student is getting off at the correct stoppage. People can get real-time update with the students’ location with accurate time.

Aside from sound security, this unique software also enables route optimization with maximum fuel efficiency. The transport managers can swiftly manage aspects like pick up or drop off points, tracking of real-time school bus location, exceeding speed limits etc. With such benefit-driven features, the institution can maintain the fleet operation business with maximum accountability.

Accurate Location Tracking for Proper Monitoring of Vehicles

Boost your business from the core and have a broader profit margin with our precise location tracking facility. Monitor the vehicles any time anywhere with every detail.

iFleet.Africa updates location for every 20 seconds and the app is available on both iOS & Android platforms.

Track History up to 24 months to Introspect Past Vehicle Movement

By tracking history, you can be aware of the drivers’ behavior and performance, especially when it comes to rash driving, and several other violations.

Additionally, you have the option to create route fence from past data and optimized routes.

Receive Alerts on Excessive Speeding, Braking, Cornering & Acceleration

Stay up-to-date and take the necessary actions in case of an accident, schedule violation or rash driving. With iFleet.Africa get real-time alerts of your vehicles and their every moment ensuring maximum safety.

Parents Can Get 20+ Alerts via Emails, Mobile Notifications or Texts

iFleet.Africa lets the parents breathe without any tension. They can keep thorough track their children’s location and movement with the school buses trips’ progress and kids’ RFID swipes. The information comprise of aspects like pick up, drop off with RFID swipes. Furthermore, they can also get alerts and stay informed even when the child boards or leaves the bus.

Easy to Use iOS & Android Apps

iFleet.Africa is now available on iOS and Android. Stay on the hop with such flexibilities as you don’t need to carry your laptop everywhere to regain control over the vehicles.

People with valid login credentials will have the user accessibility to track down the vehicles as and when required. However, sub-users will have access and visibility only to the assigned vehicle groups.

Option of Advanced Scheduling & Routing

Take the advantage of route scheduling and optimization to arrange hassle-free journeys. This is a smart way to get through unwanted traffic on the road and have a comfortable trip. Moreover, you can also save a lot on the fuel by pre-planning routes in advance.

Real-time Updates with RFID Swipes in Student Timesheet Report

This is a worthwhile feature ensuring the students’ maximum safety and security. Both the authorities and parents can get outright updates as the students’ swipe RFID cards. With timely updates on pickups and drop offs, the users can keep track of every detail on student time sheet report. Moreover, if the system identifies a student’s absence on the bus, people can take necessary action imparting proper solution.

Availability of Panic or SOS Buzzer

With the presence of panic or SOS buzzer, both students and bus representatives have the option to press the button during emergency. The buzzers are generally placed in locations which are easily accessible such as vehicle dashboard, luggage rail etc. By pressing the button, instant alerts will be sent to the users and sub-users to do the needful without a seconds’ delay.

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