iFleet.Africa Helps the Parents to Stay Stress-Free When the Kids are Away for School

With iFleet.Africa’s integrated software, parents can now ditch all the tensions after sending their children to school. Real-time updates on pickups and drop offs, they can attain the ultimate peace of mind even when the children are away.

Our GPS vehicle tracking system allows the parents to monitor the school buses at any given time with the convenient of their fingertips. Moreover, they can also get an estimated time of arrival of the buses for a hassle-free pickup and drop off process.

What makes iFleet.Africa more effective is that, the users can easily track the vehicles with our iOS and Android apps.

As an outcome, the parents can always be on time when the bus arrives for pickup or dropoff. Moreover, this also cuts down the risk of child abduction.

At times, it can be seen, a school bus may ahead of schedule for various reasons. With instant alerts and notifications, parents will know the ETA even if there is the slightest change in regular schedule. Thus, they adjust the time and make their children ready for the school accordingly.

Instantaneous Notifications to Gel with Any Change

Parents have the advantage of tracking every move of the school vehicles. Additionally, if there is any change in their children’s daily routine, they can also fetch instant notifications.

For example, with state-of-the-art RFID swipes, they can have acquaintance whenever the kids get boarded and get off from the buses.

This is an impeccable feature helping parents to know that their children are safe and on the right vehicle.

The avant-garde technology of RFID system is also implemented to send immediate messages to the users in case of any unusual activity.

Instances like when a kid boards a wrong bus or doesn’t get off the right stop can cause a stir amongst the respective parents. However, with the aid of RFID system, parents can now receive real-time update. And when any problem is detected, they can make necessary arrangements to fix it.

This benefits the parents and their children in no time and mitigates the risk of any sort of unwanted incident.

Needless, the children stay safe and sound with the aid of this technology.

Availability of inbuilt features like ETA helps both the parents and students to play along with the time. Pickup and drop off become way easier. Moreover, this also helps to dodge the incidents of missing school buses. Needless to say, the feature of ETA has also make it easier for students and parents to deal with the cold or rainy weather with appropriate timing sense.

With time to time update, the parents can take their children on the staged stoppages providing sound safety and maximum convenience.

However, parents always have the flexibility to create a bespoke alert system.

The RFID system facilitates the users to set up the set of notifications they want to get in accordance to their needs and requisites.

The alerts are delivered in the form of text notifications, SMSes, and emails.

Thus, with the availability of such relevant information, a parent can relax even when their kids are away for school.

Types of Alerts that Parents May Get are as Follows:

  • When the bus is on its way for pickup
  • When the vehicle is approaching the pickup point
  • When the child boards the bus safely
  • When the child gets in the wrong bus or doesn’t board the bus
  • When a student boards bus from the wrong stop
  • When the vehicle is nearing the drop-off location
  • When the student doesn’t get off the vehicle
  • When the student get off at an incorrect stop

Usually, when the student doesn’t get off on or drop off at his or her usual location, chances are there that he or she has got a doctor’s appointment or visit to a friend’s house. However, the parent must be aware of the same for an easy identification of any vulnerable situation. Thus, a parent can protect the kid from the any sort of harm or even strangers.

Availability of iOS and Android Vehicle Tracking App

Parents can keep track of their children as soon as they get boarded with the aid of easy-to-use iOS or Android apps. They can get the following information:

  • Real-time location of the vehicle
  • Spontaneous updates on trip progress
  • Information on estimated time of arrival for pickup or drop off
  • Proper information in case of any delay, cancellation and several other unforeseen events
  • Driver information for immediate assistance

A single missed attendance can carry along the risk of any unwanted occurrence. Hence, iFleet.Africa will provide immediate notification for the parents to keep their kids in a sound environment.