Decipher How iFleet.Africa Helps Optimize School Bus Transport Process

iFleet.Africa gives your fleet vehicle business the convenience of route optimization in the truest form. Our automated GPS vehicle tracking system makes it easier for you to manage all the routes with ease. This directly influences the fuel consumption and helps save a lot of money.

Our cloud-based software gives you the facility to pinpoint the bus drivers by keeping a strict vigilance on their driving patterns and behaviors. You can also pre-set a speed limit of the school vehicles and on violation of the same, get instant alerts to have hold on such vulnerable situation.

So, when there will be unnecessary cornering or braking, get into action to set the seal of maximum safety. With all these notifications and alerts you can substitute irresponsible drivers with professional ones to cut down the risk of any tragic incident.

Fortify Your Business with iFleet.Africa to keep the Students Safe and Sound

  • Make pre-scheduled trips with optimized routes
  • Spot the regular pickup and drop off locations as waypoints
  • Keep track on the students’ attendance with RFID cards
  • Get instant alerts via mobile or email notifications on violating speed, time, route, stoppages etc.
  • Have a check on drivers’ behavior on road to identify irregular driving pattern
  • Import comprehensive student data
  • Get panoramic view with granular details on every trip for a distinct view of the routes and stoppages
  • Create customized user access on the apps for a certain period of time
  • Availability of ‘Broadcast Message’ allow you to send instant notification in case of any delay or cancellation
  • Real-time updates on student timesheet report on the ongoing trips with RFID swipes
  • Get periodic reminders on fleet service and maintenance
  • Option of marking a student absent to streamline the process
  • Track trip history with all details by up to 24 months

RFID Swipes for Students’ Attendance

  • Boarding bus at the time of pick up
  • Leaving it after pick up
  • Boarding bus at the time of drop off
  • Leaving it after drop off