Here’s How GPS Vehicle Tracking System Will Leverage Your Business

For the past years now, GPS vehicle tracking system has proved to assist the businessmen to improve their service par excellence.

With utmost precision and diverse functionalities thus GPS tracking software has now become a much-discussed topic amongst the owners of the fleet management business.

So, if you are planning to investment in this avant-garde technology from the house of ifleet.Africa, wait no further. Give your fleet business the much-needed impetus to ensure maximum profitability.

In this competitive world, the GPS vehicle tracking system is invaluable to take the transportation trade of any sort to a new height. However, you need to vouch for the best to outshine the rest. Amongst lot many options, you must master the trick to elect the most well-developed system which be will as quick as flash.

Go for software that provides you instantaneous access to operational intelligence to get hold of real-time data anytime anywhere.

Below discussed are the certain qualities and features of a GPS vehicle tracking system you must look for to get a better return on investment.

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Elements which Make a GPS Vehicle Tracking System Most Functional

More often than not, it is seen that fleet owners in Africa fall prey to an abundance of sellers with substandard software.

Due to lack of proper knowledge, the business owners fail to compare and contrast between the types of software available in the market. As an inevitable consequence, the vendors end up selling cheap GPS tracking device with little or zero value.

Needless to say, the owners end up facing several technical glitches within a few days of installation. There are a gamut of dreadful incidents where the owners faced operational challenges in the hour of need.

So, when you are the ultimate skipper of your business, make sure to steer clear of every clutter that you come across. Give your business something real and rare. To do so, you must take note of the following elements before settling for a GPS vehicle tracking software:

1.Look for a brand that furnish device protocol document. This particular document is necessary when you plan to switch to a new provider.

2.A well-built vehicle tracking software apart from providing real-time data, must also possesses features that will automate your fleet and reduce operational cost at large. So, it is of utmost importance to decide on software that will suffice these 2 features seamlessly.

3.Next comes, an impeccable customer service. An estimable brand promises to serve its customers around the clock for their maximum convenience.

If you don’t pay heed to all these factors, you will be missing out on a huge profit margin for sure. What are you waiting for? Upgrade to state-of-the-art fleet automation system and bolster your business from the bottom line.

Why do you need ifleet.Africa for your business?

Till date, 65% of our clients home us after encountering with poor services from other vendors. Our team of experts, by implementing superior software, has always aided the customers with definite solution.

So, if you are hunting to get hold of the class-leading GPS vehicle tracking software, reach us. We pledge to proffer you unparalleled service with maximum return on investment.

  • ifleet.Africa features 30+ remarkable GPS tracking devices. In accordance with your business needs and requisites, you have the option to choose the best.
  • We also offer BYOD support. So, if you are not satisfied with your current provider, switch to ifleet.Africa effortlessly with a streamline process.
  • We are lightning fast in the literal sense. With our cloud-based software you can track even 1000s of vehicles without zero setback. Thanks to the platform which aptly scales every operation with the backend engine developed in new age NoSQL.
  • Our unique GPS vehicle tracking system also aids in computing vehicle utilization to rightsize your fleet operation.
  • ifleet.Africa allows the users to pre-plan and schedule trips according to their business needs. So, optimize the routes and shave off unprecedented expenses to increase your revenue.
  • Owing to their hard-pressed schedule, businessmen often forget the stipulated time for vehicle maintenance. Never miss a single service once you harness ifleet.Africa. Our amazing technology will help you do the guesswork to maintain your trucks.
  • With immersive technology, ifleet.Africa simplifies operational intelligence to connect with multiple data sources. The intuitive wizard-driven tools will assist you to make use of every piece of information to hassle-free management of fleet.
  • You can now cut down the expense of fuel consumption with our fuel monitoring system which ensures 98% of accuracy. So, keep an eye on the fuel tank level to prevent refueling, drain and theft in real-time.
  • ifleet.Africa also helps you in monitoring the drivers’ behaviours on road. Such features can surely reduce unauthorized usage of vehicles and mitigate the risk of fatal accidents.

Combining all these benefit-driven features at once, ifleet.Africa is highly configurable powered by high-end technology. From real-time road mapping to outright information on several occurrences, get everything under your fingertips and manage your fleet operations smoothly.

Following Features Make the Clients Have Cred on ifleet.Africa

Competitive Price

Superlative tracking features consolidated under one platform within a shoestring budget. Businesses get more with less expenditure after settling for ifleet.Africa.

Extensive Features

ifleet.Africa is packed with a horde of superior features to keep track of every details of fleet. Our clients stay ahead of their peers by getting hold of real-time data.

Bespoke Solutions

We proffer our clients tailor-made GPS vehicle tracking solution fitting his core business. This inevitably reduces the operational cost with increased productivity.

Excellent Credibility

A number of estimable clients have put their trust on us. Our team of experts are always out there to help our customers as and when required.

Robust & Functional

ifleet.Africa is now available in Android and iOS platforms with excellent user experience. The layouts and features are extremely easy to use.

Fleet Automation

ifleet.Africa is no ordinary GPS tracking software. We boasts an integrated automated fleet solution to keep our customers and their businesses move swiftly without any glitch.

Now, they are happier than ever…

A partial list of our awesome clients who are convinced of the value.

What our clients say…

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We are highly satisfied with the functionalities and the solution of ICL remains an important tool in our daily operations for 8 years.


The system help us in our daily tasks and we are thankful for the outstanding and personalized service offered by the representatives.


In this context, we refer ICL for their excellence in the solution proposed which has been very useful for the good control over our fleet since 2008.


The user friendly interface of the system together with the professionalism of the ICL team, whenever required. We highly recommend this service.


The service delivered by always smiling representatives. Response and up time is 100%. Happy with product and will recommend it to anyone with my eyes closed.


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