Functional Integrations with Our Bespoke Software

Advanced insights drawn from iFleet.Africa can be now integrated with your ERP system to make the entire enterprise operation automated.

You can integrate iFleet.Africa with over 150+ API/Web Services within a single interface for a seamless management of every nitty gritty.

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Availability of 3rd Party App Integration

iFleet.Africa provides smarter and advanced data on your entire fleet operation. Some of the major data are obtained from factors like vehicles’ activity, drivers’ performance, trip reports, idling, and stoppages. Integrating all the information in any business management software can sound a bit intimidating.

However, with iFleet.Africa’s functional integration feature, you can consolidate all the information under one single interface. Our software is more than a mere GPS tracking software, and thus, we amalgamate with over 150+ platforms like ERP or CRM.

Integration of GPS Tracking Device

According to a latest survey, 60% of our clients have already tried their fate by implementing the GPS tracking device for their business with miserable results. If you have done the same to get more by investing less, chances are that you may also end up having an failed attempt.

Give your business a hike by implementing iFleet.Africa. It is a device independent Software as a Service (SaaS) platform incorporated with 30+ class-leading GPS vehicle tracking devices in the market.

However, if we are integrated with your GPS tracking device, we will integrate to give you nothing the best. Ensure maximum ROI for your business by clubbing with iFleet.Africa today.

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