Examine and Analysis Fleet Vehicles for Maximum Utilization

Control all the chaos in fleet operation with iFleet.Africa. Our integrated automation features proffer impeccable measures that matter for your business to stay on point. Get smart insights based on a gamut of metrics to optimize fleet performance and utilization in the truest sense.

Considering the innumerable aspects in fleet management business, it is indeed a daunting task to fetch proper insights on useful metrics. With our cloud-based software, you can get hold of every detail for maximum operational efficiency.

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Introspect on Vehicle Utilization

With iFleet.Africa’s various utilisation charts, you are able to assign work to drivers in an effective manner. Precisely, with less manpower you will get desired results within a short time. Take smart decisions as you receive real-time advanced information on the vehicles’ performance and witness an increase in revenue.

  • Availability of vehicle utilisation chart
  • Comparison between ideal versus actual usage of vehicles
  • Details on total distance travelled including time and number of trips done
  • Insightful data on operational cost

Evaluate Drivers’ Performance

Irresponsible drivers can wind up your peace of mind while being on the wheels. Thanks to their reckless driving habits. Say bye to such annoyance and cut down the harrowing tales of roadside havocs with iFleet.Africa.

Get in depth data and score of drivers’ behaviour based on scale of 1-10 for a definite tenure.

The following parameters are available for better analysis of their performance:

  • Total distance covered, time, speed, idling in trips
  • Misuse of AC, harsh braking, cornering & sudden acceleration
  • Seat belt violation, occurence of any accident