Arrange all Your Delivery Points and Sync them Easily!

With iFleet.Africa manage your daily fleet operations by saving the delivery points including locations such as company offices, branches, depots, schools, and several other custom spots as per business requirements.

This also aids you with detailed landmark history and timestamps identify every unauthorized engagement of the vehicles.

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Points of interest/Delivery points

On the virtual maps points of interests (POIs) are extremely vitals.

These are the spots that are usually covered by the vehicles for delivery purposes. Some of the major POIs are bus stops, student pick up/drop off points, warehouses, distribution centers, delivery points, etc. Manage all these seamlessly with our software as and when the vehicle leaves or enter POI.

  • Include a new POI any time using lat-long values
  • Upload POIs
  • Add the vehicles’ latest location as PoI on mobiles

Include stop points as the PoIs

iFleet.Africa equipped with state-of-the-art technology process historical data and suggest the most traveled spots as PoI on your virtual map. With incredible algorithms, the software will do all the needful for you, when you fail to spot the delivery points manually.

Moreover, the PoIs are coded with different colors for easy identification. For instance, red color indicates for school vehicles, whereas blue is for transport services.

  • Get access to larger buffer range for PoIs (10m to 100m)
  • Set no-go zones to restrict unauthorized entry
  • Receive alerts with vehicles’ arrival or departure at PoI