Exemplary Fuel Monitoring System to Avert Fuel Drain & Theft

To run a successful fleet operation business the owner must be mindful about the costing on fuel. In fact, the fuel cost can be a big bite consuming a greater good part of the business every month. As an owner you don’t want to experience the same thing for sure. Cut down all the unnecessary expenses of fuel and boost your business to the bottom line, with iFleet.Africa fuel monitoring system.

This state-of-the-art technology provides real-time information for you to get broad-scale advantages.

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Outright Monitoring of Fuel Level

Real-time GPS tracking system will help you to stay apprised of fuel usage whenever the vehicles move. Unmonitored vehicles stay under the risk of undergoing illegitimate activities. For example, excessive fuel usage or theft can cause a huge loss in business.

Never give the drivers or intruders a chance to get indulged in unauthenticated activities. Manage fuel consumption and the expenses of the vehicles anywhere with iFleet.Africa. Subscribe to our fuel monitoring system and get alerts to stay informed of any suspicious activity.

  • Presence of digital fuel sensors crafted for trucks
  • Calibration on multiple levels available to provide nearly 98% accuracy

Receive Alerts in Case of Refuel & Drain

Living in his hypocritical business world, don’t rely merely on fuel vouchers or bills. Needless to say, a crafty driver can easily manipulate those slips to earn extra. This is indeed a major downside for your business. Nevertheless, with iFleet.Africa’s fuel monitoring system, you can swiftly supervise on all the facets of refuel or drain with acute details.

Set restrictions in accordance with your need for reducing usage and wastage at par.

  • Receive alerts on refueling or drainage via SMS, emails, mobile
  • Get details with locations and time
  • Pre-set alarms for high or low fuel level
  • Instant status on refuel or drain

Evaluate Fuel Efficiency

By implementing iFleet.Africa’s fuel monitoring system, you can get a panoramic view of fuel usage and wastage at once. The best thing is that you don’t need to use any additional accessory. Use spreadsheets to make the best use of this feature.

Simply upload all the details regarding fuel refill on spreadsheets available on the platform. With the entry of every detail, fuel logs will be available including the expenses.

  • Detailed report on fuel efficiency to analyze consumption
  • Monthly reports on fuel consumption are generated
  • Facts on fuel log including reports on cost per km

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