Spruce Up Security Level with Customized Access

iFleet.Africa brings innovative solution with increased security for defining the access level of each user on your account. This is a bespoke role-based permission system for seamless authorized access to our software.

You can also create unlimited users and assign them accordingly to their respective groups. The users will only be have access to only their assigned vehicles.

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Create unlimited users and assign them to specific groups for easier management. Users with limited vehicle access will only be able to see the vehicles they are authorized to access.

Create Vehicle Groups

With iFleet.Africa, you have the flexibility to make unlimited vehicle groups in accordance with your needs and wants. Assign the users categorically for an effortless fleet management. This is an effective way to manage several departments in your business without any hassle. For example, add multiple departments for categories like sales, delivery or purchase and allocate vehicles & staffs accordingly with definitive time schedule.

  • Different color codes for quick and easy identification
  • Availability of live GPS tracking reports based on different groups
  • Allocation of vehicle groups to multiple users

Position-based User Hierarchy

In all likelihood, it is not feasible for you keep an eye on all the vehicles and staffs every day. Using iFleet.Africa software, you can create unlimited users for assigning them modules that needed to be supervised. The users will do the job for you so that you can focus on your business goals.

  • Create unlimited users with no restriction
  • User access can be based on his or her role/privilege/group
  • Get user statistics report for monitoring their activities.