Easy Maintenance of Vehicle Services within Required Time Frame

To keep your fleet in a decent condition for a prolonged period, maintenance is a must. Each vehicle poses to be a valuable asset and thus it entails timely service and adequate maintenance. With iFleet.Africa, you can implement maintenance and service alert feature for the ultimate fleet management system.

Our software will keep you aware of every service that may be required for your vehicle. Some of them are oil change, tire replacement, fluid change, and tune-ups. We will notify you with each detail on time for maximum accountability & profitability of your business.

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Add Vehicle Service Reminders

Owing to your super hectic schedule, there lies a high chance on missing out on vehicle servicing at the time of need. As a result, the vehicles can act up with lots of defective features. This indeed requires a huge sum. So, get habituated with a disciplined vehicle service and maintenance to fend off unwanted exorbitant expenses.

  • Reminders available based on time and mileage
  • Automatic reminders with pre-fixed interval
  • Get notifications based on scheduled time or mileage

Manage Operating Cost Seamlessly

iFleet.Africa brings you the facility to optimize the entire operational cost with its avant-garde feature. Keep strict eyes on fuel consumption, insurance, tax, drivers’ salary for identifying specific expenditure on each vehicle.

You don’t have to hire new staffs or vehicles to cut down the cost. Implement our cloud-based software and optimize your financial portfolio with accurate data.

  • Preset ideal usage for every vehicle to pinpoint under-utilization.
  • Put in purchase info along with other expenses for forecasting requirements & expenses.

Keep Eye on Fuel Logs

With our advanced digital fuel sensor rods, get detailed analysis of fuel usage on every vehicle of your fleet. The service and fuel logs will give you data about the vehicles that consume maximum fuel. Every piece of information remains e-logged and can be accessed anytime.

  • Get readings of odometer coupled with service and fuel logs
  • Option of loading refuel data as .xls file
  • Have chart representation of fuel/service expense at every month
  • Detailed overview on fuel efficiency

Download Service Reports Anytime

Apart from getting real-time data on services and maintenance, you also have the flexibility to have access to reports for the last 6 months. With iFleet.Africa, along with periodic service reminders, you can also monitor on all the costs and expenses based past months without any glitch.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to download them.

  • Get reports on service reminders at a proper interval, completion of the services with fuel efficiency
  • Track history of the services for up to 6 months
  • Download reports in the format of .pdf, .xls and .csv