Stay on Your Toes with Instant Alerts & Notifications

Anxiety and unending worries seem to be the unwanted extras that come with fleet management business. It is time to wave them right away. Collaborate with ifleet.Africa as we implement the highest level of security in your fleet to get smart insights on any incident that entails your attention.

With our instant notification feature you can stay alert on several unforeseen events like theft attempt, schedule failure or even route deviation. Keep tabs on the fleet with prompt alerts and experience increased productivity in your business.

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Territorial fence Alert

This is one of the most functional features you should use to keep your business and driver on track. Restrict unauthorized movements of the drivers by creating a virtual territorial fence within a few seconds. It’s a type of geo-fence that will help to curb down time and unnecessary fuel wastage. Thus, seating on a couch of your home or office cabinet, you can impose limits on drivers who may deviate from the course to suffice their personal needs.

  • Assign multiple vehicles to a fence
  • Make rectangular, circular or polygonal fences
  • Set vehicle tracking alerts based on time
  • Set alerts for entry or exit of vehicle from the staged territory
Geofence alert in gps vehicle tracking
Geofence alert for routes in gps vehicle tracking

Route fence Alert

Build virtual boundaries and extract maximum fleet utilization as ifleet.Africa comes with the facility of route fence alert. This will allow you to assign a vehicle for a specific route. On deviating the designated route, you will get instantaneous alerts for taking proper actions. So, gain a full-fledged control on daily trip schedules for maximum accountability.

You need to:

  • Curate route fence from historical data
  • Make virtual boundaries with waypoints included
  • Add this particular geofence feature to pre-planned trips
  • Set alerts for entry or exit of vehicle from the staged territory

Spot fence Alert

Control all the important locations effortlessly at the comfort of few clicks with our impeccable spot fence alert feature. It allows you to plot the landmarks on the map as Points of Interest (PoI). Warehouses, clients’ offices, distribution centers, student pick up/drop off points, shipment delivery points, service centers etc., have control on any such spots.

Furthermore, if the PoI is larger in size, you can also save it as a zone.

  • Make spot fences from vehicle’s trip history
  • Assign spot fences to waypoints
  • Set alerts for entry or exit of vehicle from PoI
  • Option of activating spot fence from mobile phone
Geofence alerts for POI in GPS vehicle tracking
Geofence alert for parked vehicles in GPS vehicle tracking

Park fence Alert

Stealing vehicles from parking lots, apartments, garages, utility stores etc. is not a rare phenomenon in Africa. An abundance of cases get lodged every year in spite strict vigilance of the security. This may happen with your fleet vehicles too. Dodge the risk by incorporating our software which offers formation of an automated surveillance fence around your parked vehicles. We have named this feature as park fence alert. Get instant alert when the car moves beyond this barrier.

  • Real-time fence activation
  • Instant alerts via emails or popup, SMS or app notifications
  • Alerts can be sent to multiple registered recipients

Tow Alert

A tow alert is a robust feature of ifleet.Africa that provides you instant alert when the vehicle is being towed away without ignition. Our automated tracking software is equipped with a preventive tool that allows it to connect with the ignition switch. So, when the vehicle is turned on within the zone, you will get immediate notifications via SMS, emails, or pop ups.

  • Tow alerts are time-based
  • Alerts can be sent to multiple registered recipients
Geo fence alert for towing in GPS vehicle tracking
Geofence alert on proximity in gps vehicle tracking

Proximity Alert

This is another imperative feature that ifleet.Africa brings to ensure maximum safety at workplace. This system is designed to reduce on-site injury as and when the motions of vehicles are detected. You have the flexibility to create waypoints to get real-time notifications when the vehicles are about to reach their point of interests.

Idling Alert

With ifleet.Africa’s hard mounted device, you can now get notified when your assets stay idle on the road for a prolonged period. Needless to say, idling of vehicles is one of the main reasons for incessant expense in fuel consumption. Additionally, leaving the motor running while in parking state can cause engine malfunction.

The entire expenditure of maintenance and repairing can cost a huge sum of money. This, in return, may cut down the total working capital of your business. Omit all these extra expenses by using our software as you get real-time idling alert notifications any time anywhere.

Idling alert in gps vehicle tracking
Ignition alert in gps vehicle tracking

Ignition Alert

Ignition alert is typically for theft detection process to give you a peace of mind. At times, it may happen, a vehicle’s ignition is switched on in midnight without any purpose. To do away with such a vulnerable situation, ignition alert is at your rescue.

Protect your fleet vehicles by implementing our amazing software. The alerts can be sent to as many as users throughout the day or scheduled time periods.

  • Real-time alerts when ignition switched on or off
  • Alerts based on time
  • Send multiple notifications to multiple users

Impact Alert

An accident can ruin your entire line of business. From causing havoc in trade to loss of priceless human lives, unsatisfied clients to disrupted schedules, everything can get topsy-turvy within a second’s fate. Don’t let those unforeseen accidents rule your business. Use ifleet.Africa and stay notified of every moment and movement of your vehicle.

Get impact alert within no time from the spot. This is an impeccable feature to have control over any fatal accident even when you are far away from the spot. With such a power-packed feature you can save lives and reputation in an uncomplicated way.

5/10 Seconds' Refresh Rate
Overspeed alert in gps vehicle tracking

Overspeed Alert

Aggressive and reckless driving habits attribute to approximately 79% of the accidents in Africa. The drivers often go frivolous or get engaged in a dogfight while being on the wheels. Thus, they tend to go beyond the usual speed limit and result in sudden breakdowns.

Say bye to all these havocs by setting a speed limit for vehicles. And on violation, get instant notifications.

  • Sent alerts to multiple recipients
  • Set speed limit based on working hour or day

Overstay Alert

Sometimes the drivers and other representatives owing to their personal reasons often make delay in scheduling followed by late delivery. You can fend off such behaviors by getting immediate notifications. Receive outright alerts as the drive hauls long to a particular stop. With ifleet.Africa’s overstay alert you can also control excessive stoppings to avoid late deliveries. Indeed this will help to win over a lot of customers and prospects paving way towards increased profitability.

  • Can be specified for a particular location or specific points of interest
  • Alert based on working days or hours
  • Alert frequency to limit notifications flooding through
Overstay alert in gps vehicle tracking
Rash driving alert in gps vehicle tracking

Rash driving Alert

Habits like jackrabbit starts or reckless driving usually cost more fuel and money than what you may estimate. Furthermore, these practices are responsible for overheating of brakes; reduce lifespan of vehicles and engine wear and tear. No wonder, to restore all the normal facilities of vehicle, it can ruin the working capital of your business.

However, with our high-end rash driving alert, the drivers can stay aware of their driving behaviors. Thus, they can focus more on the traffic road instead of sudden brakes for avoiding collision.

  • Alerts on harsh driving or sudden braking
  • Alerts on harsh acceleration or sudden impact or jerking

Schedule violation Alert

This feature will enable you to organize pre-planned trips for your vehicles including all waypoints and also time schedules as necessary. Some other exclusive features which you can enjoy are:

  • Create trip schedules as pickup or drop off
  • Repeat the same schedule as and when required
  • Receive alerts on early or late departure and arrival respectively
  • Get alerts in case of route deviation
Schedule violation alert in gps vehicle tracking

The primary concern of a fleet owner should be the fuel consumption cost. Lack of proper monitoring can exponentially increase the cost and can even make or break a business. So, it is of utmost importance to focus on fuel saving to run a successful business. With ifleet.Africa’s state-of-the-art digital fuel sensor you can get real-time reports on fuel usage via SMS, app notification, email or pop-ups.

  • Specially designed for trucks
  • 95%* accuracy in fuel reports
  • Availability of multi-level calibration
  • Reports on fuel consumption, refuel and drain
Fuel alert in gps vehicle tracking

Alerts on Low Battery and Disconnection

Due to several reasons, you may suddenly stop getting notifications or alert from the GPS tracking device. This is not something to be ignored rather should be immediately taken care of. Low battery or battery disconnection is one of the common reasons you may lose track while monitoring. With ifleet.Africa’s low battery and disconnection alert system you can early detect the battery life or even something tricky like battery theft

  • Receive alerts on low battery or disconnection
  • Alerts are send via SMS, mobile notifications, emails & pop-ups
Battery strength alert in gps vehicle tracking text
GPS satellite alert in gps vehicle tracking

No GPS Alerts

Usually, you need minimum 4 satellites out of 24 to get precise locations of your vehicles. You are supposed to stay within the coverage of 7 to 18 satellites. However, in the rarest of the rare occasions, satellite count takes a dip depending on bad weather conditions or terrain layers. Get no GPS alerts in situations like:

  • When vehicles get through dense forest
  • On heavy cloudy days
  • When parked underground

Alerts on Device Disconnection

You may encounter situations where the software fails to respond despite being installed on the vehicles. The major reason is the device gets for some reasons. In ifleet.Africa, a device may get disconnected because of the following reasons:

  • Device is out of network for 24 hours
  • Manual removal or tampered of the device
  • Internet or SIM card issue
Device disconnection alert in gps vehicle tracking

Aircon (AC) alerts

A major reason for increased fuel consumption is overuse or misuse of air condition inside the vehicle. With our GPS tracking software connected with the Aircon (AC) sensors will trigger alerts whenever the AC is turned on or off. The event of over usage of the machine can be, thus, kept under control. Furthermore, the device records AC misuse events as the drivers turn Aircon in an idle vehicle.

  • Multiple users can receive alerts at same time
  • Alerts are time based
  • Availability of custom AC misuse threshold
  • Availability of Aircon status along with vehicle status
Aircon alert in gps vehicle tracking
Door alert in gps vehicle tracking

Door Open or Close Alerts

This is another vital feature that will help you to restrict unauthorized use of your assets. At times, it may happen your drivers use the vehicles for personal reasons like going to buy groceries, escorting a friend, or moonlighting to transfer shipments. Of course, you won’t encourage events of these sorts. Install our software and take all the preventative measures to overhaul this.

This system will help you to get instant notifications as soon as the drivers start a vehicle irrespective of authorized or unauthorized use.

  • Instant notifications on opening or closing of doors
  • Alerts are set on scheduled days or hours

Panic alerts

Panic alert is one of the most useful features for ensuring maximum safety of your representatives apart from the vehicles. ifleet.Africa offers a panic buzzer aka SOS buzzer that immediately sends notifications when there is anything improper with the driver or vehicle. You need to just fit in the device on the dashboard. And even with the slightest change, you will get notifications via SMS, emails, pop ups or mobile notification.

  • Notifications will consists of vehicle information and driver’s phone number
  • Active alert settings is available for 24 hours
Panic alert in gps vehicle tracking
Seatbelt alert in gps vehicle tracking

Seat belt alerts

Drivers’ safety is instrumental while you run a commercial fleet business. In spite of stringent rules and regulations, some of the drivers ignore them due to their carelessness. After all, being negligent on road results into deadly accidents.

With our avant-garde software, we provide added safety measures like seat belt alerts to lessen the risk of accidents. Get instantly notified and do the needful if a driver doesn’t wear seatbelt while being on the steers. Needless to say, wearing seat belts can cut down the chances of death and even serious injuries to a great extent.

  • Get instant alerts whenever a driver doesn’t sport the seat belt

Reefer temperature alerts

It is extremely pivotal to maintain the temperature of reefers that remain fitted with FMCG trucks. If you are associated with the logistic or FMCG sector, you should invest in our automated software to get real-time status of temperature. A slightest of temperature deviation can spoil the perishable items causing a huge damage to your profit margin.

With our vehicle tracking system, you have the advantage to manage the temperature of FMCG trucks on granular details on the inner temperature along with accurate location.

  • Availability of fixing lower & upper temperature thresholds
Temperature alert in gps vehicle tracking
Driver alert in gps vehicle tracking

iButton (driver identification)alerts

As the name suggests, iButton alerts help to identify the drivers who get indulged in irresponsible driving practices. With thorough analysis, you will receive information when:

  • Drivers use iButton to start a vehicle
  • Unauthorized drivers take attempt to start vehicles
  • Someone tries to distort the driver’s ID device