ifleet.Africa Leverages Innovation Ensuring Operational Costs Under Control

ifleet.Africa brings the opportunity to track every piece of information about your fleet vehicles at your fingertips. The major advantage is that you will receive data that is timely and accurate. After all, we believe in accuracy even more than facts.

You can know everything that’s taking place in real-time as the available data on the device screen gets refreshed at an interval of every 10 to 30 seconds. So, with our inbuilt auto refreshed facility, you can eye the vehicle’s’ movements with a detailed structure of map.

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Real-time GPS Vehicle Tracking

Our end-to-end GPS tracking software gives you the opportunity to keep tabs on your vehicles and fleet anytime anywhere. You also have the advantage of group monitoring with detail data at once. With the availability of instant notifications, you will know all the whereabouts of fleet vehicles seamlessly.

Using ifleet.Africa system you will have real-time data on:

  • Vehicles’ locations
  • Drivers’ information
  • Ignition, door & aircon status
  • Vehicle Utilization
  • Vehicle speed & stoppages

Boost Fleet Visibility with Google Map

We use the latest version of Google map and all the data is licensed for business purpose. So, you can easily store several points on map according to your convenience. This amazing facility will help to save important locations such as stoppages, landmarks, delivery addresses etc.

With automatic updates, the map will display the movement of the vehicles and assets with proper marking on the route. Benefits:

  • Make unlimited points of interest
  • Seamless visualization of moving fleet
  • Faster loading maps
  • Real-time traffic data of any place
  • 99.9% uptime reliability

Mobile Keeps You on the Go

Our cloud-based software is also available in apps. So, forget the hassle of carrying laptops to track the vehicles. Use your smartphone and trail the fleet 24*7 as the GPS coordinates you throughout. With instantaneous data, you also have the advantage of addressing any on-going issue and address the same in real time. Thus, improve the operations and productivity with ifleet.Africa. Other benefit-driven features:

  • Live tracking on map
  • Instant mobile notifications
  • Vehicle tracking app for Android & iOS
  • Live fuel and speed readings

Unearth History upto 6 Months

With ifleet.Africa, we bring you an amazing opportunity to track the history of the fleet activities anytime by up to 6 months. Often the owners, out of their super busy schedules fail to stay up to date for a prolonged period. In such a situation, you have the feasibility to every piece of detail with this incredible history tracking feature.

This cloud-based software comes with 3 modes namely ‘Auto’, ‘Custom’ and ‘Trip’. Use them and draw the history as and when required. You can also:

  • Weekly heatmap displaying showing the most engaged routes
  • Alerts & stop notifications en-route
  • Animated history replay
  • Create routes with waypoints from history

Share Details with Clients

Sharing details with clients happen to be an essential feature for the ones who own transportation or delivery services. Stay honest and transparent with your customers in by sharing real-time data. This is more effective when there’s a delay due to an accident or bad weather. All you need to do is simply share the vehicle location and let your clients track their shipment as per their requirements.

  • Set link expiry with proper time frames
  • Share customized information
  • Provide clients with live GPS vehicle tracking session

Live Trip Coverage with ETA

Ascertain your customers with accurate time of arrival with the built in automation feature of the our software. Make your own schedules of fleet and get Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) based on the time specified for individual stoppage.

The process is easy & convenient. All you need to make an instant daily trip for each vehicle on the virtual map including the landmarks and stop points respectively. Thus, you and even your clients will get to know about the approximate time of arrival at specific locations. This feature is beneficial especially during the rush hours.

  • Flexibility of recalculation of ETA at each waypoint enroute
  • Updated trip progress on Google Map

Outright Road Traffic

Unwanted traffic is certainly one of the most agonizing phenomenon faced by the owners, drivers and clients. However, you can avoid the road rage and serve your clients on time by incorporating our software.

With accurate traffic layout on Google map, you can analyze traffic and optimize routes for utmost convenience. Use our ‘Create Instant Trip’ feature and bid bye to the girdlocks on road.

  • No more delayed delivery
  • Watch out Pols on map merged with traffic layers
  • Real time vehicle tracking with road traffic data

Manage Fuel Usage & Detect Fuel Theft**

Fuel expense to run a fleet business in Africa can take upto 30% of the total working capital. Moreover, unauthorized use or fuel theft can be the major inhibitors in the growth of your business. With our digital fuel sensor you can now chuck out fuel theft and also manage fuel usage on the go.

Pinpoint fuel wastage during harsh driving or outright fuel theft by implementing ifleet.Africa on your assets. Keep an accurate fuel entries and the cost under control.

  • Live alerts on low fuel or drainage
  • 95% accuracy
  • Real-time monitoring on fuel level
  • Prevent unauthorized use or theft with ease

Intercontinental Coverage

ifleet.Africa is ubiquitous. We cater to our clients worldwide. Our end-to-end fleet management software is available in many countries apart from Africa. So, let us help you with your vehicle management business ensuring smooth operations and increase in productivity. We are also contactable in:

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
  • Mauritius
  • Singapore
  • United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)
  • India
  • Bahrain
  • Qatar
  • Kenya

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