Say No to Delay Delivers with Pre-planned Routes or Waypoints

Timely delivery is an absolute necessary for the ones who run transportation or delivery business. Due to unavailability of any handy tool, many business owners manage a fleet business that run against time. However, you alway have the option to stay on the dot with our trip schedule feature.

Impress your clients by dodging delayed deliveries as you can now pre-schedule trips under your fingertips. Additionally, get live notifications if the drivers deviate from the time schedule and take necessary actions.

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Set Pre-Schedule Trips with Ease

Sketch a feasible time table for your drivers while they are enroute to specific locations. Keep constant track on their progress on the map. And get real-time notifications whenever the drivers infringe the planned schedules.

  • Set pre-planned route map for the trips
  • Include as many as 24 waypoints in every trip schedule
  • Schedules can be designed on daily or weekly basis
  • Receive alerts on early or late arrival and departure including route deviation

Curate & Allocate Instant Trips

iFleet.Africa also allows to create and assign instant trips to the drivers due to emergency business needs. You can implement the same during any end-hour needs. This feature will help you to get details on approximate time of arrival to the staged destinations.

P.S.: You can remain the instant trips.

  • Flexibility to allocate route fence from earlier trips
  • Include as many as 24 waypoints in every trip schedule
  • Map trip progression with ETA
  • Add trip costs to generate report on expenses