Safeguard Your Car Leasing and Rentals with iFleet.Africa Vehicle Tracking Units

Investing in car rental services in Africa comes along with a lot of worrisome aspects. Starting from the onsite risk factors to haulage of the excess budget, a lot of conditions are involved in the roadmap of rental services. Any single loss or damage to a vehicle can result in a potential loss to any business within a span of hours.

At iFleet.Africa, we offer automated GPS tracking services to ensure our customer’s peace of mind. Harnessing our software, clients can simultaneously cut back on risk factors and operational costs to enjoy maximum ROI.

No More Illegal or Unlawful Usage

Often people hire cars, not for the purpose of steady transportation, but to conduct unscrupulous activities. As a result, your reputation as the owner of a car rental is put into question. To avoid such unfathomable scenarios, iFleet.Africa provides an assimilated GPS tracking system that helps managers stay aware of their fleet’s whereabouts. With the use of sophisticated cloud-based software fleet operators can attain every comprehensive report on working vehicles.

Recovery of Stolen Vehicles or Missing Vehicles

iFleet.Africa offers the option to keep track of valuable rides even in case the vehicles are stolen or compromised. Thus, our tech advanced software helps in instant recovery of vehicles in case of theft. Furthermore, with Geofencing option, fleet managers are constantly notified of specific vehicles crossing designated boundaries. Therefore, the chances of vehicle theft and compromise diminish considerably.

Supervises Customer Driving Behavior

Often customers under the influence of adrenalin end up partaking in rash driving, or excessive speeding leading to accidents. This leads to compromising vehicles and leaving them in poorer conditions. With iFleet.Africa’s advanced GPS tracking solutions, rental operators are instantly notified when customers cross speed limits. Hence, the operator can question customers and levy a fine in case of breaking a rule.

Extending Fleet Life

For the success of any car rental business, the prime focus is the functionality of vehicles. Any breakdown or downtime can create commotion in the entire line of schedule. Hence, to prevent customers complaining of being stranded in the middle of nowhere iFleet.Africa’s fleet management software can help. Our progressive sensors will continually notify operators whenever a vehicle needs maintenance. This will help enhance and extend fleet life considerably.

Maximize Customer Security

iFleet.Africa comes with a fleet automation technology that helps boost rider safety. The built-in software installed tracks and promptly generates SOS alerts issued by customers in case of breakdowns. This will help service providers to quickly dispatch an emergency team for rescuing customer in danger.

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